TENGA Misty Egg

TENGA Misty Egg


Experience the latest TENGA Egg - the Misty has an incredible internal texture for intense pleasure. With inner dots and nodules, the TENGA Misty effortlessly massages your length with each thrust. Stretchy and supple for any size. With dozen of raised triangles to drive your pleasure over the edge, the Misty Egg offers top-notch sensations. Whatever your size, the TENGA Egg provides a pleasurably snug stroking experience. Stretching up to 12 inches in length and to a girth of 8 inches, this discreet stroker is the ideal gift for any man. Crack open to protective egg shaped case to get the party started. Coat the inside of your stroker with the included TENGA lube and insert your penis while pinching the tip. Enjoy the feeling of the textured sleeve stimulating every inch of your shaft. Please note: To prevent damage, pinch the tip of your TENGA Egg before you place it on the penis as you would when applying a condom. This Japanese sex toy is designed for single use and made from delicate material. Over-stretching or rough use may cause it to rip but with careful use, cleaning and plenty of sex lube, your TENGA Egg should be good to go again!


Price: £12.00 ( €14.40 )

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